Feed Weekly #218

Feed weekly October 20, 2023

Here are the work related tabs that lived rent free in our browsers this week, in the intersection of design and tech.

Reading list

  • We're looking for more data on teens in general. Outside of the mastodons of tech, analytics sources in a teenage demographic is increasingly hard to come by. That's why we kinda appreciate this open report from Piper Sandler. Now, there are professional agencies that work with data collection, but the 9000+ they've asked is equivalent of us asking 5.4 young people in Norway some questions. We're doing all right.
  • Stocketa is a powerful app that allows you to track your stock holdings, and free you from the trade house own subpar panels. All while maintaining a beautiful design and privacy. The caveat is that it was never launched. A developer spent two hears on it, sometimes working 20 hour a day. Here's the full read on what it was, and why it never launched.
  • Dads, you can buy stocks in Birkenstocks now.

Design of the week

  • SSENSE XX Martine rose is undoubtably an immersive experience, allowing itself to stretch the boundaries and think different about design and interaction, while at the same time giving the actual content space and attention. Cool pants too.
  • Studio Faculty, just a really nice page with shining usage of grids, columns, hierarchy, pictures in context of content elsewhere, and an overall high quality feel.
  • Linear has an unconventional approach to design, and it's really interesting to learn more about it. It's very simple, but gains complexity in being so free. The final product is always the guideline in itself. Design isn't a deliverable, it's merely indicates how everything eventually comes together in the end. Like SuperFootball, only design. A couple of Linear designers discuss it here and here.
  • LOT is paving the way in product launch these days, making little to great effect.

Tech of the week

  • This is just so cool. 3D Gaussian Splatting is an AI powered real time 3D model based on point clouds and various images that are turned into splats. The rendering happens in the browser, and is super light, while generating an insanely rich and detailed photorealistic world. Find the WebGL implantation on GitHub here.
  • Kudurru offers a way to block AI scrapers to learn from your stuff. Artists especially have been discussing this, in line with the copyright issues that have been raised.