Feed Weekly #220

Feed weekly November 03, 2023

True to form, here's a dump of things we found useful and/or interesting over the week. A little slow in the Reading list department, must mean that the good folks that generate these links are hard at work.

Reading list

  • Nothing to see here.

Design of the week

  • The New.computer app is exploring UI designs, somewhat in line with the Dynamic Island methodology.
  • Øyedrops just dropped the mike with their case on EA Sports FC. It's fab, and sparks a childish need to say we know these people! Go Øyedrops!
  • Normal Phenomena of Life, a bio design-native store focused on selling ditto products as well as their own creations, have a fresh take on two modes of shopping. You can choose to go by it by mere indexing of products, or through a story mode. Would be interesting to get some insights into the actual usage of the two, especially conversion over time.
  • Google Fonts continues to impress with the launch of Wavefront and Linefont, both non-text variable fonts, opening up for an animation geek out here.

Tech of the week

  • Mr. Jobs once touted "liberal arts" as a corner stone for Apple. And it's easy to acknowledge Apples contribution in this regard. It obviously makes perfect business sense, but it is also delivers on that promise, when the latest product launch was shot entirely with iPhone 15 Pro, including drone shots, and edited on a Mac. Here's a behind the scenes.
  • Style Tuner enables you to tune the style of Midjourney images.
  • Liveblocks enters public beta, enabling collaborative features to web pages everywhere.