Feed Weekly #221 and #222

Feed weekly November 10, 2023

Brace yourselves, it's gonna be a good one.

Reading list

  • Signal is a nonprofit, initially backed by some VC funds. Signal has been hugely successful, and absolutely vital in the ongoing quest for privacy. They've made truly encrypted messaging available to all, for free. They've recently posted an interesting article on what it'll take to keep going in the future. Not surprisingly, there's a problem concerning money.

Design of the week

  • Check out the Oslo-section of the Contemporary Art Library!
  • How about a deep dive into Form Field Usability? Baymard Institute to the rescue.
  • Screenlane can kick start your UI explorations, cataloguing the UI in various apps in one glorious library.
  • Monaspace is a "superfamily" of fonts for code. Aaaand there goes our designers, zoning out, not reading the rest of the links.
  • That means no-one's around to explain the genius of Kai Krause's software interface.

Tech of the week

  • Tldraw: Just a very good whiteboard.
  • A tl:dr about the Tailwind CSS architecture and what can be done to improve it.
  • The promise of a password less world has been around for ages, and Passkeys are slowly rolling out. The Uber blog has a solid piece explaining it, while outlining how they intend to implement it.
  • The golden age of gadgetry offers a retro-futuristic deep dive into what might have been. Cable, a gadget enthusiast, has taken it upon himself to preserve the wild brain farts of olde, that once filled the columns of the DAK Catalogue. (Local Norwegians of the same persuasion as Mr. Cable will think of our very own DAK, namely Mr. Arngren, who never went away).
  • Hu.ma.ne is finally allowing orders of their long promised Ai Pin. There are sceptics out there, but we love a hyped physical gadget though.