Feed Weekly #223

Feed weekly November 24, 2023

Short and sweet, here's this weeks injection of things we found useful and/or interesting fromt he intersection of design and tech.

Reading list

  • It's been a minute since anyone gave Tumblr a thought. At one point, it got so bad that the whole thing was purchased for $3 million. That's about the equivalent of a bus ticket in the world of tech. But, Tumblr is back, somehow, and "betting big on going small".

Design of the week

  • Expanded.art has some interesting UI, and overall a very confident style and visual tone. And great content to boot.
  • Check out this neat trick! Read along the thread to understand how it happens.
  • A lot of people are tossing their own ideas onto the idea, like this one from Vercel.

Tech of the week

  • The MUNCH Museum is debuting an interactive installation utilising AI to let users draw like Munch. Unsurprisingly, this doesn't sit well with art critics, labelling it completely unnecessary. So nothing new, then.
  • Stability.ai pushes the envelope in generative video modelling.