Feed Weekly #224

Feed weekly December 01, 2023

Here's this week's protein shake in the intersection of design and tech.

Reading list

  • If you can't beat them... Google's DeepMind have found a systematic approach to get ChatGPT to reveal its sources.
  • Futurism has a story on the blatant misrepresentation of AI ghost writers over at Sports Illustrated.
  • Our own developer Svale has a bone to pick with populistic headlines and wrongfully setting up environmental heroes for faux fails, in this article at Kampanje.


  • Burrowlab, a type foundry and design studio, is out with an early demo of an online tool that lets anyone easily configure their own font. Looks like you can upload your own fonts, or keep working on the ones they've made. Cool way to mod non variable fonts, and have vectors exported back.
  • Pon The Store is extremely hard to dislike.
  • Nicole McLaughlin might have started upcycling kinda jokingly, but have taken it to the extreme. She showcases stuff here.


  • iA Writer had a good round circa one hundred internet years ago, around the same time iPads where new. The focused writing app took over the screen, removed all UI so you could just type. Those were the days. And hey, they never left! Now realigned with the current generative AI shift, iA Writer 7 (!) keeps track of what's yours and what isn't. It'll din down the stuff you have generated for you or paste in.
  • Great, email innovation... Loops, with Y Combinator credentials, promises a better way to to send marketing and transactional email, completely disregarding the elephant in the room. SaaS friendly turds are still turds. Looks good though, compared to the usual suspects.
  • Can't leave you without some Vercel protein. Here's how to scale a large codebase.

Go eat some poke today.