Feed Weekly #229

Feed weekly January 12, 2024

It's Friday and we're here to let you know that text editors aren't 'sexy', AI shouldn't tutor our kids, and many other click-baity things we found useful and/or interesting in the intersection of design and tech lately.

Reading list

  • Over in Dystophia, actual people are discussing if AI tools should tutor our youngest pupils. NYT is concerned. Popular Mechanics was onto this in 1961, so let's just move on.

Design of the week

  • What's happening here. A reductive page and CV explaining the reductive nature of this designers' artistic style. Took a solid dose of own medicine.
  • The foundry of Elias Hanzer is always worth a bookmark.

Tech of the week

  • OpenAI debuts a GDP store where you can buy and sell customised chatbots.
  • Ars Technica has a cautionary tale about how a 'ridiculously weak' password to the DNS registry spelled doom a huge mobile carrier.
  • Shopify has some mind blowing numbers to talk about in this article on how they increase performance and reduce complexity in their engineering dept.
  • Can a native text editor be sexy? No. Regardless of the reviewers Freudian problems evident in an early five-star review on App Store, the developer behind the app has an interesting story to tell about how the app came to be.
  • Google first, readers last? The Verge looks into how the need for attention gradually has reshaped the web around Google algorithms.