Feed Weekly #230

Feed weekly January 19, 2024

It's a bit of a nostalgic feeling here today, looking back as much as forwards, in the intersection of design and tech. Read on for several questions without answers, such as "is contemporary design converging with 70's aesthetics", "whatever happened to Ello", and "have you satisfied your inspiration quota of the day?"

Reading list

  • The nominees for The innovation Award for Inclusive Design here in Norway has been published. Lot's of goodness.

Design of the week

  • Check out this demo on a 3D environment based on 3D scans made with an iPhone. You can play around with colours, add your own images etc. Very cool.
  • Dinamo Typefaces, a foundry out of Germany has been a pioneer in how it prices its merchandise for a while, and is introducing 25% discount for culture projects and non-profits. The reasoning makes sense, and you can read it here.
  • Day Job, a LA/NYC design studio, had fun making their web page. And we just got to play some Doom in the office hours.
  • Bram Vanderbeke, an artist/designer based in Ghent, Belgium, adds an unapologetic, simplistic and fresh take on navigation on a photography heavy portfolio site.
  • Are.na is an alternative way of browsing, and coins itself as a platform for creative thinking and collaborative research. Pure bliss for designers, the new web client Sander is out now.
  • Who remembers Ello, the social media platform destined to topple the giants and remove evil corporate interests from the mix? They started out in 2014, which is hella long ago. The theme remains extremely valid to this day, and it's a shame that Ello didn't make it. Because they didn't, they're officially dead. Read up on the perhaps cautionary tale, The Quiet Death of Ello's Big Dreams at Waxy.

Tech of the week

  • Can a calendar app really make the news in 2024? Apparently so. Notion just launched one, which naturally integrates with Notion perfectly. The Notion fans here at the office just can't even anymore, all they do is talk about a freaking calendar app.
  • It's been a while since we read up on what PWA's can do, and it's time for a refresher.