Feed Weekly #231

Feed weekly January 26, 2024

While Oslo is declining into Stone Age mode due to foul weather, equally surprised every stinking year, the internet marches on gloriously, gracing us with inspo from the world of tech and design.

Reading list

  • The Long Read from Guardian this week makes a point at how the algorithmic approach makes everything look and feel the same, at the end of the day. Like how every coffee shop looks the same. This convergence isn't merely algorithmic though, it's been the same with design ever since the internet. It's also very Norwegian, after all we are world champions in converging while thinking of our selves as individualistic.
  • No Free Pitches is a resolution that's making its way in the creative industry around the world at the moment. It sheds light on what we've all been thinking lately, that pitching without pay has become more common. It's a slippery slope, for sure, as architects have known for decades.

Design of the week

  • Creepy as f*** or does your inner aristocrat itch? Ett Hem is a nice site though, building it's that isn't trying too hard to sell. providing a glimpse into a lifestyle you can book. It looks like Agatha Christie's Swedish home away from home. Pull your narrow whiskers to the side and beware of the murderous adventures that awaits.
  • Cruise look book blogs from around the world, and do not miss out on eclectic Helsinki at hel-look.com from 2005 'till today.
  • Check out what's next in Figma Dev Mode, which promises many new features making life so much sweeter.

Tech of the week

  • It's time to stop using localStorage!
  • Project IDX from Google has iOS and Android simulators you can run in your browser.
  • HUGE changes in iOS inbound, at least in the European Union. The same legislators that brought us USB-C are at it again, forcing Apple to allow for app distribution, but also the ability for other tap-to-pay apps than strictly Wallet. This is for the most part good news, but also perhaps bad.