Feed Weekly #232

Feed weekly February 02, 2024

Enough to get your eyes sore, and your brain itched for a few minutes, here's what occupied our coffee machine talks this week, things squarely placed in the intersection of design and tech.

Reading list

  • Zoomers think they're aging faster than everyone else, phrasing it "Aging like milk". But as NYT says, it's likely that age is just catching up with them.
  • 404 Media pleading for your email here.
  • Vanity Fair has a behind the scenes deep dive into the process of making the Apple Vision Pro. The boomers in Cupertino don't share the Zoomer self esteem, apparently.

Design of the week

  • Step into the world of Rosanna Bühler, a clothing brand it's kind of impossible to dislike, with a ditto page. We're intrigued by the gridded layout, which is actually quite challenging to make functional.
  • So hyperreal.org, it's hard to understand why it's listed here, and even after trying hard to figure out what it even is, all we can really say is that the site is super old, collects rave graphics and related "chemistry" stuff, and just released a copyright notice. Before that, not much had happened for a decade or so. You're on your own on this one, intrepid reader.
  • Oooo, nice! Bu also, who are we kidding, we don't have Zip codes over here, we have postnummer, and they don't work. But if you want to see a real time gradient representation of the weather in, say, 90210, consider yourself served.
  • Mouthwash, a weekly occurrence in our "look at what they're doing" interactions, new site is out now.
  • Crazy, crazy fun with a variable font created out of a soccer goal.

Tech of the week

  • You'll have to give it up for the share productivity of Shopify. Their winter update is out, and it's just so much to dig into, all presented beautifully.
  • No way, come on. A dude made a functional 16 bit CPU in excel. Who does something like this? Check out the video demo.
  • What is going on. This is also just too cool and also just why. Start creating by combining emojis with Infinite Craft from Neal.fun.
  • Must be a while back when the world was graced with the Shining or something as an Ascii stream. It must have caught on, because there's a way to stream free text-based movies directly in your terminal now. See for yourself.
  • Vision Pro is getting a mixed reception, for sure, and there are many reviews out there. This one covers most of what you need to know.