Feed Weekly #237

Feed weekly March 08, 2024

The sun is out, days are getting longer, nice people are visiting Oslo, and the internet is still the internet.

Shout outs: The brilliant minds behind Dinamo, Johannes and Fabian, visited Oslo this week at the invitation of the fantastic collaboration between Grafill grafisk design and the International Library of Fashion Research. Don’t miss Ben Ganz’ talk there on Tuesday!!!

Reading list

  • Here's a long read about how Software Has Eaten The Media. This copywriter has only read the preamble, having come late to our weekly meeting. In it, Ed Zitron talks about how the definition of "good business" has become more about growth and market share as opposed to making a good product, not to mention making something that the world actually needs. Instead, innovation is about creating needs we didn't know we had. If the rest of the article is anywhere near as pointed, it'll be a good read.

Design of the week

  • Adding hybrid to the vocabulary, variable fonts are kind of going full circle. Times New Arial is a culmination of two visual extremes in one interpolated typeface. For now, the typeface will be part of the new Liebermann Kiepe Reddemann visual identity, but they're open to suggestions. (We are excited to see what‘s coming, but will be very sorry to see this FLEX of a studio presentation go... 😢)
  • Find your own arguments on why this gallery page made the list.
  • A real vitamin pill for your Figma game, here's everything to know about Multi-editing, and all the relevant shortcuts to boot.

Tech of the week

  • Imagination runs dry quickly when you're tasked with scrollitell projects. Here's a nifty cheat sheet to rest your weary right hemisphere on.
  • The inventor of web apps has been trying to kill it for a while, and recently gave up. Yet, the struggle continues, as this OWA article explores in depth while trying to find a silver lining.