Feed Weekly #238

Feed weekly March 15, 2024

Thin list this week, and we'll invoice your employer for the time we're saving you. Regardless, take a look at the following links and news that we found on the big wide internet this week.

Reading list

  • WSJ had a sit down with OpenAI CTO Mira Murati for an in depth look at Sora AI video tool, and they're freaked out. The CTO is surprisingly dodgy on replying to the tougher questions.

Design of the week

  • Berlin artist Lena Schramm has a new site with brilliant hover navigation. When hovering one image, the other will change to the next available one, and the giddy meny vibrates to give a tiny but sufficient visual que for where you're at.
  • The Internet Archive has the entire Dune Saga Collection available in most of its publicised forms for your page flipping pleasure.
  • Additionally, check out this article on book cover trends through the times, via Dune book covers!

Tech of the week

  • Everyone's favourite space pet, Voyager 1 is having a bad day. It's stuck transmitting a 0101 bit pattern. Reboot failed, so now what to do. Follow the developments here.