Feed Weekly #239

Feed weekly March 22, 2024

What a week it's been! The internet is literally full of things. We've barely scratched the surface of what's going on in the intersection of design and tech.

Reading list

  • Developers are a crafty bunch. This time, our own developer extraordinaire Svale has built a cabin, which is featured in Wallpaper. He would like to point out that the drapes aren't of his own choosing.
  • Things are "normalising", right? Are things going back to the way they were, or are the abnormal becoming normal? BBC explores the psychology at play, and how you can avoid getting desensitised.
  • There's a surge in flak aimed at the fashion industry. Sustainability, ethics and overall accountability has been sore points since humans started wearing clothes. In this day and age, the trajectory seems to be falling even further, as if everyone in tobacco turned to cotton or something. Anyways, the Accountability Report 2024 is out, rating the 52 largest fashion brands across Traceability, Wages & Wellbeing, Commercial Practices, Raw Materials, Environmental Justice and Governance.

Design of the week

  • Rauno Freiberg of Estonia is pushing the bar on UI. Pause properly for solid inspiration.
  • Emil Kowalski, a design engineer at Vercel, is also gracing the internet with a slew of interesting interfaces, and what makes them work.

Tech of the week

  • Haha, LLM's are having a hard time with ASCII. No laughing matter though, but can't backspace. Some of the ASCII "art" can be harmful and NSFW. But, always fun when old tech causes new tech grief.