Feed Weekly #240

Feed weekly April 05, 2024

The sun always shines on the internet™. Well, it almost didn't, we were saved by one single developer with a keen eye on his CPU gage last week. Anyways, read on for this week's highlights from the intersection of design and technology, 'round the corner of Bliss past the avenue of Despair.

Reading list

  • If you haven't heard, just want you to know that the entire internet almost imploded last week. Luckily, one guy was monitoring his CPU usage and noticed odd variations, and ventured on to found out why. That led to the discovery of a massive cyber attack in progress. NYT has the full story.
  • While on the subject, 404 writes about how bullying in open source software is a massive security vulnerability. But as long as we have the CPU-guy, we should be good.
  • The dust is settling on the Vice wreckage, and this elaborate story explains how it all became "a f**** clown show".

Design of the week

  • Common Dimensions has a lot of nice details, and expertly balances fanciness with usability. Such as the two columns in interviews, where the imagery scrolls slower. And old trick, but applied well. Same for the behaviour highlighted words etc. Take a look for yourself!
  • Oh Suno AI. Don't know if AI generated songs is a valuable distraction, but we're in the Design section now, and at least the accessibility and usability is really good going from the predefined digital LP of sorts over to the Make a Song section.

Tech of the week