Feed Weekly #242

Feed weekly April 19, 2024

We have some chill links for things in the intersection of design and technology for you, all though we've been working hard on some pretty cool launches as of late.

Reading list

Design of the week

  • One simple way to avoid a few bits clogging servers is to compress them. Why not do it in a fin way, courtesy of Dither Me This.
  • Speaking of old school, why not make your rasters prrrretty with Stochaster Dotraster Coloraster. It can animate too, and give your web project the scent it needs.

Tech of the week

  • The Google I/O '24 puzzle is simple but hard! We're trying to beat level 7 currently.
  • In GenAI this week, how about uploading an image and some speech audio to VASA-1 and see the magic happens. Just what the doctor ordered, thanks Microsoft. Genau.
  • Cloudflare has published their quarterly DDoS threat report. One of the key findings is that attacks on Sweden is up a whopping 466% after entering NATO. Over all, Cloudflare mitigated 4.5 million DDoS attacks in Q1. Crazy. Thank you Cloudflare.
  • With Meta AI, built on Llama 3, you can have your memes auto generated and altered as you're freaking typing. Before you do, though, please consider this. There are some climate concerns, man.
  • Vercel is killing Edge, basically, and going back to Node.js.
  • Yeah, you're on the final item in our list, you should feel proud. AltStore is out, showing what's now possible for iOS users in the EU. (Norway can't join in though).