Feed Weekly #243 and #244

Feed weekly May 03, 2024

Weekly dump of what we found interesting and/or useful in the intersection of design and technology.

Reading list

  • The digital industry here in Norway is following a metoo story towards an entire company as it unfolds. Sofie, a former employee of the app developer Shortcut is redefining bravery and openly taking the fight to her former employer. The story is shocking and massively disheartening, and very thoroughly told by financial news outlet e24.no (in Norwegian).
  • The days of wondering if it's really MF Doom behind the mask is well and truly passé, as fans are scratching their heads over a beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, wondering if AI is behind the choice lyrics.
  • Hah! Here we were thinking that we might get good at utilising AI, but never making it. Norway is just too small, especially in an LLM context. And then NORA.LLM suddenly appeared, crushing ChatGPT4 in some key applications. Find it here.

Design of the week

  • Bureau Borsche, a design studio in Munich, presented nicely throughout their own page.
  • Jake Dow-Smith, a clever web designer, on the web’s needless complexity and translating signals from one medium to another. Read The Frontier Interview.
  • Our own Jonas Vetlesen is nominated to Visuelt for Also Known As new website.
  • Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a design studio that explores materials and new ways to use them. Just great stuff, and a great website to boot.
  • Tools is a research based project by the Dia design studio that doesn't seem too worried about restraints.
  • Actual Apple resources in the Figma Community.
  • OpenAI has a new website, based on Next.js and Vercel. Simple, efficient and sweet.

Tech of the week

  • An in-depth look at how 37signals built ONCE/Campfire using modern features, vanilla CSS, and no frameworks or preprocessors.
  • Voyager 1 is back in business! Pretty cool how the engineers made it happen.
  • In ActivityPub news, Ghost is making a push.
  • React 19 beta is out. Read up on it here.
  • The senior table in the office are having a blast with Udio, generating their own songs to everyone's delight.
  • GitHub has a Copilot too, where you can set up your workspace using human language.
  • Linear is constantly doing cool things. Here's a Trello-Jira-esque take on project planning and seamless management.

'Til next week