Feed Weekly #245 and #246

Feed weekly May 24, 2024

Double whammy on links to things we found useful and/or interesting in the intersection of design and technology.

Reading list

Design of the week

  • Spotify is proudly touting its new exclusive font, called Spotify Mix.
  • If you let a designer go nuts making an interface to build a set of bedding, Sutram is what you get. It might take a moment to get used to the interface, but the end result is totally worth it.
  • Accidentally running for President can happen to the best of us, especially if you're Icelandic and if you have a great UX designer nearby. In an attempt to simplify the endorsement process, a digital tool has made it all too easy to run. But is that bad? Such a tool could have made the day for Mr. Literally Anybody Else.
  • Designers always keep a watchful eye on the Airbnb releases, and this summer update is no different. The feature update is labeled Icons.
  • Typeradio is an online radio channel on type and design. When you're ready to fall into hours upon hours of historic interviews on the subject.

Tech of the week

  • Hey, how about not using AI? Well, now you can, and it all starts with this AI-free google search.
  • Cruncher is a web agency in Lausanne, Switzerland, and we absolutely love how they share a lot of the stuff the make over at the Labs section on their page.
  • Interesting read on how GitHub builds more inclusive and accessible components.
  • We once met with a UX designer who'd just spent the better part of a year refining a date picker. We rarely have the time or resources to spend that kind of time, so we often look towards other peoples great work instead. Like Cally from Nick Williams, who'll happily provide you with small, feature-rich calendar components.
  • Skypack lets users search millions of open source JavaScript packages with no install and no build tools.
  • "Digital decay" is such an interesting part of the digital age. Some 38% of webpages that existed ten years ago are gone today. A quarter of all news articles contain at least one broken link, and the majority of Wikipedia articles contain dead references. Check out a Pew Research paper full of interesting fact on this topic.
  • Scarlet Johansen is not happy about OpenAI synthesising a voice that sounds just like her. We should be very happy that Johansen is picking up the torch on this one. It's a matter of great importance to all of society, as it deals with the problems surrounding algorithmic theft of one's likeness, persona, intellectual property and artistic uniqueness.

Drive safe.