Feed Weekly #247

Feed weekly May 31, 2024

Hello fellow crawler in the world of design and technology. Here's what we found this week.

Reading list

Nothing to see here.

Design of the week

  • The Øyafestivalen website, sparks lots of discussions around amongst designers and devs round the lunch table these days. It has a lot of good but also some fairly intrusive elements.
  • In the world of typography, we're intrigued by American Grotesk from Kim Type Foundry. Timely launch, curious to see which candidate puts it to use first.
  • Well would you look at that! As it turns out, we have a namesake design studio in Quebec, and will be reaching out to see if we can join forces in renewing our brand guidelines.

Tech of the week

  • SEO agencies are scrambling to read the 2500 page document detailing the Google algorithm that recently leaked. Google has later confirmed authenticity of the leaked document.
  • A scary story detailing how Cloudflare asked for tons of money or they would take down a bunch of domains.
  • Daylight, "a more caring computer," promises healthier and more humane computers. Pretty impressive tech, too, with it's 120Hz e-ink display.
  • Been a while since we talked about iOS apps these days, but the creators of the legendary Halide photo app has released one for moving image. Check out Kino, a grading app, if you're into those sorts of things. That's it, no AI or nothing, just good grading.