Feed Weekly #248-#250

Feed weekly June 07, 2024

Somewhat complete rundown of relevant links from the last few weeks at the inspirational channels here at Feed. Was hard to get to all of them due to excellent summer party night before our weekly.

Reading list

  • The Humane AI Pin hasn't exactly revolutionised anyones lives, except perhaps providing some hilarity every now and then. The New York Times tells the story of how the flop became a reality.
  • Remember when everyone was extremely concerned about the risks of AI? The OpenAI special team actively working on the long term risks involved has been disbanded.
  • A very, VERY, detailed and long rise and fall story focusing on Lambda School. Crazy stuff.
  • Following up on business news, this Wired investigation looks into the bullshit machine that is Perplexity.

Design of the week

  • Soot offers a fresh online shopping experience.
  • Kudos to Romain Granai, a Belgian designer, whose website looks smashing.

Tech of the week

  • Skip lets you build native apps for both Android and iOS using Swift and Xcode. Looks promising.