Feed Weekly #181

Feed weekly December 16, 2022

As the office bathes in the fumes of yesterdays xmas party, we're actually more concerned about the Hue lighting switch' whereabouts than having our weekly inspiration joust. And yet here we are, basking in a disco lighting scene, sifting though this weeks links to things we found useful and/or interesting.

Reading list

Design of the week

  • This stunning site allows you to build your own candle light holder in a very pretty and straight forward way.
  • Through the windowis a digital art piece created by DVTK (Kim Boutin and David Broner) in the context of COVID 19's lockdown. You can submit a picture of landscapes or just gaze at other landscapes blend.
  • A beautiful site showcasing Arvin Lewis' work for various brands. There's nothing in here that isn't nice.

Tech of the week

  • Zapier is offering ways of integrating OpenAI. Somewhere, someone is having AI reply to messages on slack this very moment, but I can't tell you who.
  • Handling and directing to multiple languages in Next.js hasn't been a walk in the park until now.
  • Perhaps a godsend for any marketing department fronting developer services, the Tome app elaborates and creates a "powerful story" based on simple, clear and precise instructions. So have a developer tell you exactly what they're making, plug that into Tome, and get it spread across a dozen slides. So like this, just newer.
  • Migration tool for Mastodon!
  • Let's also have another round of AI based email assistants! Perhaps it'll stick this time. Ellie promises to learn your writing style and reply to emails on your behalf.