Feed Weekly #184

Feed weekly January 13, 2023

Another week done and dusted. We're eying some wine at the end of it, but let's point our dry humour towards the digital terroir looking for new vintage.

Reading list

Design of the week

  • Noma succeeded with 1.0. and 2.0, and are thus closing down the latter in anticipation of 3.0. Meanwhile, it's worth pointing out that the announcement page is no different from any other site, be it tech or otherwise, except the content.
  • Sneaking in a little tech reference here. Bjango shares data on how your GPU performance impacts apps like Figma. Worth knowing before your next computational hire.
  • Just a shout out to Inka Bell, the Helsinki based artist working in printmaking. Her work in it self is astonishing, and a sweet purpose built site is dotting the i for us.
  • Johanna Lundberg, a designer and art director from Stockholm, has blessed the internet with a beautiful site that kind of reminds us of poster walls around the city. That is, if those walls was blasted with neat design. Why make it responsive when you can simply duplicate the site horizontally?
  • This one's more about the work than the site. Other Means out of Brooklyn is a design agency based on wordplay. Narrowing down on a niche has long been the elusive dream for many of us. Some say you can say things a million different ways in English, so why the heck not.

Tech of the week