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Att is a new type of apartment hotels taking the traveling and hospitality experience to the next level. The first house opened in Fall 2022 and launched a new category within travel accommodation by interacting fully digitally with their guests. We were tasked with designing the overall visual identity and the concept, as well as overseeing the art direction, outtakes and the entire digital experience.

Att's new way to stay combines the best features of boutique hotels with that of rental apartments. How can we convey the feeling of being a local, part of a neighbourhood in the city, whilst also being a traveller and having all the luxuries that a hotel can offer?

The concept revolves around finding the right balance between "travel" and "home". We achieved this by accentuating what travellers are left with after their stay: memories. The brand identity is packed with snapshots from various places and neighbourhoods of Oslo, serving as memory snippets and teasers for both new and recurring guests.

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In close collaboration with the Att team we’ve created a brand identity bridging the gap between digital and physical touch points. We’ve helped Att shape and develop their innovative digital user journey and booking system, an essential part of the guest experience. We've contributed all the way from initial business development to design and art direction for the different restaurants on the first floor.

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Our deliveries

Brand strategy
Visual identity
UX and Digital design
Art Direction
Front-end development
Back-end development