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by:Larm music festival is one of the largest events of the music scene in the Norwegian capital. Not only does it introduce young, unestablished artists to a greater public, it's also a networking event for the Nordic music industry as producers, artists, record labels, managers and venues come together around a week of concerts and talks.

After 2020 and the challenges that a pandemic brought to the entire industry, by:Larm came to us in early 2021 with a problem: how could their website be a relevant platform throughout the year, and not just during the festival days? This resulted in a thorough review of their business model, their function as being a networking arena for the music industry, their publishing strategy as well as the development of a flexible and functional concert platform.



How could we make by:Larm’s website relevant not only during the festival, but 365 days? We started by looking at flexible solutions in which they could release information at any time during the year, whether to promote the program, give accounts and testimonies of success stories or being a relevant voice on the music scene and an arena for debate. One of the main features of the new website is therefore a News section where each entry can be sorted into a category, according to the edition of the festival and the type of event.

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As many other festivals, by:Larm change their identity each year. The design team therefore made a solid backbone upon which this year’s identity is implemented. Based on their earlier identity history, we defined a playful style and built the design system in such a way that future design styles can easily be built upon.

Digital Networking

Another important feature that we looked at was how their website could be an arena for networking within the music industry. The solution became by:Larm’s membership program. On the "Directory" page, the festival participants - whether on the digital or the live stage - can create a profile as well as connect with other artists, producers and festival participants.

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Streaming and flexibility

How could we learn from the pandemic where the digital became a norm? And how could we provide digital experiences as supplements, not replacements, to live -concerts in the years to come? Our delivery focused on providing flexibility, introducing a streaming feature that can easily be adapted and curated, in order for each event to have a particular digital experience adjusted to IRL events.


The technological features behind the website were twofold. On the one hand, we used Blitz.js, a full stack framework built on top of Next.js. We created an integration between the ticket system and the system created for pages that require a login from the users. On the other hand, we used the content platform Sanity and included a Spotify integration where the editor can retrieve previews of songs from an artist or song ID.

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Our delivery

User experience
Digital design
Front-end development
Back-end development


Initial visual identity concept made by Rune Mortensen and Frode Skaren
Streaming solution delivered by Triple M