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Intuitive, snappy, delightful and functional are all good things – when it enables growth. At the end of the day, bottom line is what matters most when developing E-commerce solutions.

The black cat logo adorning the facade along the busy street of Grensen downtown Oslo is an icon in itself. Since the start in 1905, Black Cat has become synonymous with exclusive coffee and tea.

While everyone's a coffee connoisseur now, and new roasters are pushing the bar every day, staying relevant is no small feat for a 110 year old cat. Yet we dare say the cat has most of its nine lives intact, thanks to a focus on progressive renewal rather than mere loyalty and tradition.

In the spirit of constant renewal, we launched a brand new e-commerce platform underneath a complete UX makeover, yielding immediate results.

After optimising the sales funnel, the bottom months are up as much as 123% bringing them in line with the rest. Even and steady sales means higher precision in forecasting, logistics and potentially reduced waist.

– Feed as helped increase revenue by optimising user experience and by making us more visible. Feed has also succeeded in understanding and translating our needs to tangible and elegant solutions.

Alexander Aker, Black Cat

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How did we do it?

Firstly, e-commerce doesn’t need to be hard. We’re tech agnostic, meaning we always evaluate the actual business needs in order to isolate the most beneficial ways forward. We strive to create tangible effect quickly, and build from there based on actual insights and aggregated customer feedback.

Key Figures

50% revenue
increase YoY

70% more

30% immediate
revenue boost

For us, user experience and user conversion is always at the core of our approach. Tech must stay agile in pace with business development and abide to certain economical specifications. We are able to deliver tech agnostically and with full confidence. The intellectual property resides where users interact and are converted to customers.

We’re always looking for challenging cases in both design, identity and development and would love to introduce ourselves or our partners. Do drop us a line if you want to hear more.

Our delivery

User experience
Digital design
Front-end development
Back-end development


The black cat logo has stayed the same for 110 years, but it’s been updated ever so often. Our friends at Minsk made the latest iteration, and also provide Black Cat with packaging and physical retail.