Building AI is a free online course in Artificial intelligence, and the 2nd installment in the Elements of AI-series. In this course, students will learn more about the actual algorithms that make creating AI methods possible.

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Continuing in the same visual universe as last time, we worked with former colleague and recurring collaborator Oscar Grønner on creating a set of illustrations guiding the students throughout the course.

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Key learnings from the different chapters are summarized in interactive widgets and exercises. Each exercise has 3 difficulty tiers, from multiple choice to more advanced Python coding. The exercises gives clear feedback with explanations provided upon completion, wether your answer is correct or not.

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The project is an ongoing collaborative effort between Feed, University of Helsinki and Reaktor.
 The cross-disciplinary team is put together of data scientists, developers, designers, project managers, copywriters and illustrators to name a few, all working remotely from their respective countries.