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Dramatikerforbundet (The Writer’s Guild of Norway) was founded in 1938 and is a non profit organisation that represents authors who write for theatre, film, television or radio. Feed was tasked with creating a new website that would present the guilds position as a dynamic and current organisation, as well as include the Guild's script archive; a self-service library of scripts and author-profiles, maintained by the authors themselves.

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Functionality at the core

The guild’s aim is to promote the artistic and financial interests of Norwegian playwrights, to make scripts available to the general public and to strengthen copyright protection. The starting point for their new website was therefore those core functions. One of our deliveries included incorporating the Screenplay and Script Library as a separate, yet fully integrated section of the website; authors and dramaturges are able to register and fully categorise their work, as well as apply directly for remuneration rights.

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The design of the identity features a monospaced, typewriting font, referencing a classic way scripts were typically typed. We kept, however, the red brackets on the top and bottom of their name, as they had been a consistent, recognisable element in the identity of the guild throughout the years. The design then played with the dramaturgy and contrast of black and white, to emphasise the difference between the two sections of the website: the guild (Dramatikerforbundet) on one hand, the script library (Manusbanken) on the other.

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Process and development

For this project, we used Craft CMS for the front-end development. The guild had previously operated across several databases, which made their work unnecessary complicated and slow. In order to simplify and restructure their platform, we migrated several databases into one.

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Our delivery

Visual identity
UX and Digital design
Front-end development
Back-end development