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Einar Film is a Norwegian production company that produces films, series, commercials, and music videos. Their website is dedicated to the presentation of the directors they represent and the work they create. Initially working mainly with TV commercials, the company has expanded considerably, and we helped them better present the body of work; including network series, films, and even facilitating international productions. We were also tasked with completely reinventing their visual identity while honouring their mascot Einar.

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Willy, considered Einar‘s “little brother” is a creative collaborative space for directors, producers, creatives, photographers and film editors. It is more directed towards content than Einar.

We worked closely with both Einar and Willy to create two sites, serving each of their unique needs, while clearly keeping them in the same family. On the tech side there is also a lot of sharing, as they both utilise the headless CMS Sanity, making it easy to extend functionality across platforms if need be.

Einar Willy Mobile Screens
Einar Pattern

With the help of our good friend Oscar Grønner, we developed a new “Einar” figure. We thought of the figure more as a living mascot for the company, rather than a logo, who could change and develop over time to better compliment the many areas Einar and Willy work within.

We were also lucky to work with an early version of Clemens Piontek‘s Vevey; a very warm and ‘human‘ typeface in two complimenting cuts. The type and the illustrations have a kinship which is both modern yet down to earth. Just like Einar and Willy. 💙 ❤️