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Revolutionizing boat customization, our collaboration with Goldfish Boats delivered a cutting-edge 3D configurator. Empowering customers to personalize every detail, it elevated the buying experience, increased sales, and positioned Goldfish Boats as a leader in customizable high-performance boats.

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Our collaboration with Goldfish Boats led to a game-changing solution: the implementation of a 3D configurator that has revolutionized the boat buying experience. Today, nearly every sale goes through this innovative platform, allowing customers to personalize their boats down to the smallest detail. By accessing the configurator on Goldfish Boats' website, customers can explore an extensive range of customization options, from engine variations and hull designs to color schemes, fabrics, and additional features. This streamlined process has not only significantly enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction but also boosted sales and positioned Goldfish Boats as a leader in customizable high-performance boats.

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Behind the scenes, our team leveraged cutting-edge technology to create the 3D configurator for Goldfish Boats. We developed a standalone React application, powered by Three.js, a JavaScript library for 3D graphics, to render and manipulate the boat models in real-time. Additionally, we integrated Shapediver, a cloud-based platform for parametric 3D modeling, to handle customization options dynamically. This integration ensured customers could visualize their chosen configurations accurately. To streamline the purchasing process, we integrated Stripe, a secure online payment platform, allowing customers to submit deposit payments directly through the configurator. This combination of advanced technologies enabled us to deliver an immersive and seamless experience, empowering customers to customize their boats with confidence while solidifying Goldfish Boats' position as an industry leader in personalized high-performance boats.

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