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The Norwegian Chess Association was established in 1914 and comprises 125 chess clubs and 4000 members across the country. We were tasked with consolidating over 10 different platforms to one coherent site — easing communication across the association’s activities and members.

The consolidation of the different platforms strengthens the association’s presence and authority in the sport. We collaborated closely with Metric on translating the visual identity to a digital platform, focusing on user experience as well as developing a clear digital architecture. We also developed the front- and back-end for this new site, launched in November 2021.

Chess brings people together. That was precisely the starting point when we mapped out how the website ought to be structured. We developed the architecture based on user experience as well as user’s needs, focusing on how to be accessible to anyone: whether a member is looking for the next tournament, a parent wanting to enroll a child in an activity, or a chess enthusiast seeking to learn more about the the world cup. As such, the site needed to communicate with a very broad audience. One design feature was our bold use of color to create a system to engage, as well as ease the navigation across distinct sections.

On the tech side, we worked with the content management system Craft to develop a database where clubs, teams or branches can handle their activities and enrolments. The structure provides an efficient overview of participants to each event listed. We also implemented the Association’s registration forms, extending functionality through customisable integrations and plugins.

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Chess is undeniably a sport that brings fans, amateurs and professionals together; the 2018 Chess Worldcup finals had over 700 000 viewers on the national TV channel. Our Norwegian chess hero, Magnus Carlsen, is the current world champion and has 12 world championship titles to date. Chess has become a popular sport in Norway over the past ten years and the increasing number of Chess Association members bears witness to that development.


Developing a clear, accessible digital presence, focused increasingly on the general public was essential for the association’s national standing. Chess is now, more than ever, a sport played by everyone, not just a handful of world champions. Chess is also an educational tool used in schools and youth groups; for learning purposes and social interaction. The website speaks to, and engages a younger generation who are becoming familiar with the sport at an early stage. Simultaneously the site adheres to modern accessibility standards and is clear and easy to navigate, engaging also the association’s oldest members, bringing more chess to more people.

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