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The Arctic Student Welfare Organization is a welfare organization that works to make student life easier for the 16,000 students affiliated with UiT in Tromsø, Alta, Harstad, and Narvik. We helped the organization to consolidate all their services on one platform and improve communication between the organization and the students.

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Through services such as student blogs, counseling, daycare, food and drink, fitness centers, and student houses, they work to increase well-being, mastery, and safety among students.

Finding a solution that works equally well for 16,000 students spread across five cities, both at home and on campus, can be overwhelming. Therefore, it was important for us to define the various needs of the students and determine what was most important to them.

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Our digital products help us more easily communicate with and offer our wide range of service to our students. Having an experienced and creative collaborator in Feed helps us meet our high ambitions and goals for our digital platform

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Building a service is not a race from A to B, but a continuous process where you launch one part at a time. This is how we have been able to determine how each individual part of the Partnership has been used before launching new changes. Our collaboration with Samskipnaden is a long-term effort, where the next step is planned based on user feedback and usage patterns.

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