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Not just a service, but an entire ecosystem for smart cities and critical data. The SmartSky platform revolves around data management in smart cities. A smart city is essentially an umbrella term for a wide range of things, but it all boils down to providing the city's residents (and those responsible for their well-being) with a good overview - so that good, informed decisions can be made at the right time. Through SmartSky, existing systems can input, store, and exchange data through a common API for service developers.

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Collects data in one place

There is already a lot of information about properties, objects, buildings, and residents in existing municipal, public, and third-party systems. However, these systems do not communicate well enough - or not at all.

Our goal is rapid innovation, fast service development, secure and extensive use of smart city data, and better services for citizens through secure, intelligent applications. To achieve this, SmartSky excels in four main features:

  • Facilitating integration of data sources into one common platform
  • Digital Twin as a data model in the ecosystem
  • Flexible data sharing among stakeholders
  • Providing applications with relevant data from a single integration point through APIs.

Real-time flexibility

The integration capabilities of SmartSky provide users with an easy way to integrate data sources that need to be fed into the system. SmartSky also takes care of the process of extracting data and storing them in the user's own secure storage area.

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2 sharing

Sharing data across agencies and systems

Perhaps it should be obvious? But data from the chimney sweep, plumber, and electrician can be crucially important for emergency services on the day of a fire. By sharing, everyone becomes more knowledgeable and makes better decisions when it is critical. Or simply when a new trench needs to be dug or streetlights need to be turned on and off.

Plaform explanation v2

The Smartsky Platform is an innovative cloud-based system designed to collect and integrate data from various sources, including Gemini, Yr, Norkart, Elements, Bra Akriv, BRREG, and other relevant providers. This comprehensive data collection allows for the creation of powerful applications that leverage the vast amount of information available. The platform's primary objective is to centralize data from multiple providers and enable seamless access and analysis for various applications. By utilizing the cloud infrastructure, Smartsky ensures scalability, reliability, and real-time updates, providing an efficient and dynamic environment for data management.

"The Feed team shares our vision of using technology in a meaningful way. Our collaboration has led to the development of a platform with the potential to make a big difference in people's lives, both in the city and beyond."

Thomas Dragseth, CEO i Smartsky

3 storage

It should be easy to store - and easy to find.

With Smartsky, it's easy to define which data should be inputted into the platform. Information is centralized; everything is located in one place. Then the information is decentralized again by making it available through apps that are specifically tailored to specific needs and usage. The necessary and the useful, hand in hand.

Safeplan represents the first of many projects that will be developed as part of the ambitious Bodø Smart City initiative, which seeks to transform the city into a model of sustainability and innovation.

One notable application built on top of the Smartsky infrastructure is Safeplan (read more), specifically developed for firefighters. Safeplan incorporates real-time information about weather conditions, geographical data, building layouts, emergency contact information, and other relevant factors. The Smartsky platform acts as the foundation for the development and deployment of various applications like Safeplan, each tailored to address specific challenges and utilize the extensive data available. With its robust data collection capabilities and cloud-based infrastructure, the SmartSky Platform opens up opportunities for innovation across multiple industries, enabling the creation of transformative applications that enhance safety, efficiency, and decision-making processes.

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We are convinced that technology, used correctly, can make people‘s lives better, and even save them.

Thomas Dragseth, CEO at Smartsky


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