Feed Weekly #178

Feed weekly November 25, 2022

Wrapping up another week, we look back on links to things we found useful and/or interesting. If you're a developer, designer or something in between, this place is for you. There's plenty to get excited, amused, offended or intrigued by.

Reading list

  • A couple of weeks ago, Noam Bardin did exactly what many others thought might be a good idea. Make a new Twitter. It's called Post. and it's letting in new accounts in a rapid pace. Oh, and check out this pun: Noam previously founded Waze, who he knows his way around. Everyone is hoping he won't turn out to be a maniac. We're watching "Hello worlds" and cat pictures atm, as this new civilisation is figuring out the wheel. If you want to know it all, check out this interview at Pivot.
  • AI training models are currently soaking up everything that's ever been made. If you're an artist, you might not want your art to get chewed up and spit out in bits and pieces in AI generated works. Haveibeentrained.com is offering opt-out accounts. The couple behind it was recently featured at Inverse to talk about it.

Design of the week

  • Design Threads is a collaborative report on the state of design today. This is good stuff.
  • A Figma plugin utilising AI to do everything from copywriting to generating unique icons from text. It's called Magician, no less.
  • Or how about some text-to-3D? Building on a theme, Deep Imagination is out with what's aptly named Magic3D.

Tech of the week

  • Solving real world problems, how about having Dall-e plugged straight into your clients CMS to take care of the pesky problem of lacking content? Consider yourself Servd.
  • Stack overflow is proposing the ground rules for their 2022 moderator election. We'd imagine there could be more candidates than usual, as the Bird is more or less a free for all shit show.
  • Oooh, the 10KB Club, a curated list of web pages that do to exceed 10 KB compressed size. Fun times. Our devs are looking to the 10min Club, but might be the same.
  • Meta looking into solving world problems, obviously either thinking they have some relevant skills pertaining to negotiations, or perhaps trying to amend their karma. Cicero is an AI agent that negotiates for you.