Feed Weekly #182

Feed weekly December 23, 2022

The internet has once again provided us with useful and/or interesting things that lives rent free in our collective consciousness.

Reading list

  • With the holidays around the corner, here's someone who's made a streaming device for GameBoys. It is an adapter that goes between an unmodified Game Boy and the cartridge and offers a video stream of the game via USB. Turns out to be a heck of a complicated project, and you can read it yourself here.
  • Is it over-complicated, or simply complicated? Ben Lorantfy, a developer in Ontario, has some choice words debating it.

Design of the week

Tech of the week

  • Finally reaching 1.0, SvelteKit is a framework for building web applications on top of Svelte, a UI component framework that developers love for its performance and ease of use.
  • AI use cases is exploding these days, at a much faster pace than our mere human brains are able to digest. Thankfully, There's An AI For That promises to catalogue them daily.
  • Stable Diffusion generates images from text (zzz). But what if you use it to generate images from spectrograms, and then convert it to audio? Enter Riffusion. This cacophony might be the sound of AI. What a future, folks.
  • Lastly, for those who haven't already found a way out of Twitter, check out Movetodon, the service that migrates you out of one messy place to another.

Also, merry xmas to Petter and Mr. W, our faithful readers.