Feed Weekly #186

Feed weekly February 03, 2023

You should move your weekly internal meeting from Monday to Friday and see what happens. You don't need a reason, just do it because you can. It's not better, or worse. It's just Friday, and we connect over a bunch of links to useful and/or interesting things we've stumbled upon over the week.

Reading list

  • Who knew you could spend a week learning about images online. Here's a good source of knowledge on the theme, courtesy of Web.dev.
  • So much talk, money, work and effort goes into data security. Then, someone finds a file named "No Fly List" openly available on an airline site. It's one of the most sensitive U.S. government documents there is, so facepalms can be heard in unison all across the globe. Oh the humanity.
  • Oh yes, this CEO is turning mainsplaining into a tool, in order to reach a fairly masculine sector with 9 tips on how to attract female devs (in Norwegian).

Design of the week

Disclaimer: a bunch of our designers are at Transmediale (which is now streaming LIVE), so this section might leave something to be asked for. But hey, let's not cry over spilled opportunities and the fact that only a few of us get to go out and see the world while the rest of us slave through just another day at the office. We'll get 'em next time. Besides, it's nice when the office is a little chiller, reminds us of the one thing that was good during the pandemic times when you could actually be alone, just yourself, find the zone and just... you know work. Ah, those were the days, I'm glad us copywriters aren't in Berlin right now.

  • Let' see, ah, design yes. No backspacing allowed on Fridays. Smithsonian Open Access gives you, well, access to millions of images, fully downloadable and reusable without any further need for approval. Crazy
  • The amazing, utterly indispensable Dutch design institution Werkplaats Typografie has opened a masters program in graphic design in New York City.

And that's it for design this week. We'll just have to wait in anticipation for the team to return with their goodie bags filled to the brim with fresh inspiration.

Tech of the week